BADD Long Sleeve T-Shirt


$ 52.00

The 'Badd' tee is a more playful tee that somewhat speaks for itself, donning a faceless playboy bunny, the words 'BADD AS FUCK' on the back and side lace up detail on side seam for that added twist.

* 100% Cotton
* Unisex Fit
* Made in U.S.A.

Rionism is a self described product of Southern California culture, post-internet tendencies and humble streetwear beginnings. No stranger to street culture and groomed by some of the best in the industry, he chooses to use graphic language reminiscent of many different youth subcultures of the past while framing them within a modern sensibility. By referencing everything from psychedelic black light posters to punk rock photocopy art and everything in between, blending them in a way similar to the internet generation he's grown up in, then perhaps sprinkling in a subtle nod to obscure hip hop lyrics and the sexually explicit, Rionism creates graphics that speak in different voices but maintain the same message.