$ 25.00

Double hand ceramic mug with famed Japanese artist and long time friend of HLZBLZ, Chocomoo, featuring custom 10 Year Anniversary artwork. Made in Japan. Limited qtys.

Choco Moo is everywhere. From her high profile collaborations with Japanese fashion brands and musicians (including Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) to praise from top K-Pop groups to magazine appearances and recent gallery shows in Tokyo, Los Angeles, and New York, Choco Moo’s popularity has exploded. Success didn't come overnight for this hard-working Japanese artist and longtime friend of the brand; Choco Moo has been drawing since she was a small child -- in her own words, “Art is my life!”

Despite her red-hot popularity, Choco Moo remains committed to her underground roots. As an independent self-managed female artist, she’s a rarity in the Japanese entertainment industry. Her influential visual style, mysterious name, and independent punk attitude motivated us to track her down and find out – who is Choco Moo?